Infused Honey

Infused Honey

Check out our many different kinds of infused honey!

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  • Apple Infused Honey


    Almost as American as apple pie. What a good
    way to end a long, hard day…with a spoonful of
    delicious apple honey.

    A spoon of apple honey on a steaming roll is
    Spread over pancakes for the taste of a qiuck &
    easy apple fritter.

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  • Berry Gift Set (6 Most Popular Berry Honeys)


    Berry Gift Set (6 Most Popular Berry Honeys) – Blackberry, Raspberry, Strawberry, Blueberry, Pomegranate, and Elderberry.


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  • Blackberry Infused Honey


    Upon request this flavor was introduced and has
    quickly become one of our most popular flavors. It
    will remind you of those ripe summer blackberries
    that you enjoy so much!

    Use with cream cheese on a bagel.
    Make a blackberry vinaigrette…and much, much more.

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  • Blueberry Infused Honey


    It’s a blueberry lover’s dream. Think about a bowl
    of fresh blueberries mixed with the sweetness of
    honey…simply mouthwatering!

    Excellent as an ice cream topping.
    Scrumptious mixed with cream cheese to spread on a piece of toast…the list is endless.

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  • Cherry Infused Honey


    Cherry, cherry, it’s not contrary, try this honey to
    make you merry!

    Pour on ice cream, it’s like having the “cherry on
    top” in every bite.
    What’s for lunch…a peanut butter and cherry honey
    sandwich of course.

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  • Chocolate CREAMED Honey


    Thick and creamy, kind of like fudge, only guilt free.
    If you are a chocolate fan, don’t miss out on this
    special treat. Have this on hand to satisfy those
    chocolate cravings!

    Need something sweet, need something
    chocolate…on your ice cream…on your waffles…
    on your spoon…you get the idea!

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  • Chocolate Infused Honey


    A rich milk chocolate taste blended with honey…
    who would’ve thought you could combine these
    two wonderful ingredients!

    Simply have a spoonful when you are craving
    something chocolaty.
    Instead of adding chocolate syrup to your ice
    cream, douse it with chocolate honey instead.

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  • Cinnamon CREAMED Honey


    If you like honey and cinnamon then this is the flavor
    for you. Cinnamon spice blended with honey is a
    perfectly healthy & delicious combination.

    Put on a plain piece of bread for an “instant
    cinnamon roll” (healthy too)!
    Try it on toast or biscuits…mmm mmm good!

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  • Cinnamon Infused Honey


    If you like the taste of red hots, but not the artificial
    and unhealthy ingredients…this is the flavor for you.
    The taste you love combined with honey is what
    you’ll find in every jar…only it’s all natural & healthy.

    You’ll want to eat it by the spoonful.
    Great on ice cream!

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