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Established in 2007, we have never wavered from our committment to quality and innovation.

It’s Honey. Reinvented.

Honey is main thing we specialize in, but a close second are the bath and body products made from bee products, and other all natural substances.  So if you are looking for a place to get pampered – this is it.

Our Promise to You

We are committed to making the highest quality product possible – no matter what we develop.  Unless otherwise noted, all of our products meet these specifications.  We hope you have the same peace of mind many of our customers have when ordering any of our products.

100% All Natural

We only make things that we would be comfortable using on us and our children (or grandchildren!)

Pure & Raw

Except for our creamed honeys, all our honey is pure and raw.  You can rest assured we never pasteurize or heat our honey to where it’s properties are destroyed.

High Quality Ingredients

We make sure each and every product we develop meet our high standards of quality control.

Tastes Good

Just because something is healthy doesn’t mean it has to taste bad.  In fact, we believe the opposite.  All our edible products go through a taste testing phase to be sure you will love it!

Watch our Honeysuckle Acres Commercial

Watch our commercial made in 2013, and see our interview on TV !

Our Story

Since 2007, Nick and Renee Kauffman and their children have worked hard at creating high quality products from the hive.  The desire was to one day be able to work totally from home, and not have to have an outside job.  This dream finally became a reality in 2013, and since then, many more products have been made to encompass the realm of all kinds of flavored honey, and healthy bath and body products.


Bees are Nick’s passion, and he loves taking care of them.   Being out in the peace and quiet of nature, and getting to observe them working is one of his great joys.

Hand Crafted Bee Products

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