Creamed Honey

Creamed Honey

A unique and tasty way to enjoy your honey!  Spread on like butter!

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  • Chocolate CREAMED Honey


    Thick and creamy, kind of like fudge, only guilt free.
    If you are a chocolate fan, don’t miss out on this
    special treat. Have this on hand to satisfy those
    chocolate cravings!

    Need something sweet, need something
    chocolate…on your ice cream…on your waffles…
    on your spoon…you get the idea!

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  • Cinnamon CREAMED Honey


    If you like honey and cinnamon then this is the flavor
    for you. Cinnamon spice blended with honey is a
    perfectly healthy & delicious combination.

    Put on a plain piece of bread for an “instant
    cinnamon roll” (healthy too)!
    Try it on toast or biscuits…mmm mmm good!

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  • Coffee CREAMED Honey


    If you are the kind of person who says, “I’ll take
    a little coffee with my sugar” then this is the flavor
    for you…only it’s honey (which means healthy)!

    Top your waffles or pancakes with this tasty treat!
    Better than a mocha, grab a spoon and head
    for the pantry…have a bite of coffee creamed honey!

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  • Jalapeno CREAMED Honey


    Honey with a super kick…our creamed jalapeno
    is even hotter than our regular jalapeno.

    This is some hot stuff*…really spice up your
    grilled chicken, steaks or hot dogs!
    Spread it over some fresh cornbread for a
    sweet & spicy treat!
    *Our regular honey is about a level 5 and
    the creamed is about an 8 (out of 10).

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  • Original CREAMED Honey


    Whipped, spun, creamed or whatever you choose
    to call it, we know you’ll enjoy the smooth and
    spreadable quality of this honey.

    Try original creamed honey on toast or
    rolls for a classic taste.
    Savor the flavor of original honey on warm bread,
    only with a delightfully creamy texture.

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  • Vanilla Creamed Honey

    Vanilla CREAMED Honey


    An instant dessert…you’ll love this creamed honey
    any way you choose to use it.

    Grab a spoon & spread it on your bread…
    if you can keep from eating the spoonful first!
    Use as icing to top your cinnamon rolls!

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